Learn How To Build A Fireplace

Learning how to build a fireplace is as simple or complex as you want to make it. In this article we will discuss the basic elements.

(You may want to further your knowledge and build your own fireplace, build a stone fireplace, or learn how to build a fireplace mantel, with several books that we will recommend.)

The home is where the "hearth" is. Truly! After a long day, nothing in the home can be more inviting than the warmth of the fireplace, where one can get cozy with the near and dear ones. To create a fireplace of one's own choice, you must know how to build a fireplace; there are a few steps to be followed.

Selecting the materials

The main materials required are mortar, moisture resistant barrier (roofing felt/Tyvec), expanded metal lathe, plastic covering, finishing trowel, whisk broom, mason's trowel, hammer, staple gun, grout bag, 1/2" tuck pointer and circular saw.

How to build a fireplace, the building-up process...

After collecting all the necessary materials, the step-by-step building-up process has to be initiated as follows:

After the stones are on, fill the joints with mortar using a grout bag. Leave it for an hour or two to let the mortar harden a bit and then use the 1/2" tuck pointer to both packing in and scraping away the excess mortar. The dry mortar crumbles away, and until the edges of the stone are exposed. Continue the process.

Finally, brush the loose mortar away with the whiskbroom.

How To Build A Fireplace: The Mantel...

The mantel is an important part of ones quest to learn how to build a fireplace. A well crafted mantel makes all the difference in terms of a nice looking fireplace, so as you learn how to build a fireplace, put some thought into how to build a fireplace mantel...

Lay a bed joint on the mantel with strips or mortar (thickness: around 5/8 of an inch) along the outer and the inner edges. When the area is well covered, place the stones and set. Leave a half-inch gap between every two stones and later fill it with mortar.

How To Build A Fireplace: The Hearth...

Repeat the same process for the hearth. The gap in the wall and the joints in the hearthstones have to be filled in with mortar. To smooth the joints between the stones, use a tuck pointer and finally to finish the job, give a good sweep with the whiskbroom.

How To Build A Fireplace: Designing and touching up the fireplace...

To lend the hearth products an exclusive and creative touch, you can choose any idea from the following:

Most contractors and people don't know how to build a fireplace. Or rather, they don't know how to build a fireplace that is efficient, and beautiful. However, w With any of these unusual fireplaces to warm-up the living room, a little imagination can really do wonders.

Candles, lots of them, either in monochromatic or in mixed shades can really add colors to its ambiance. Ornate candelabra can do the trick, too. For something unusual, a basket filled with dried flowers or fresh wheat grass can be displayed. Again, for a family room, the basket can be filled with old and faded bocca or croquet balls. That's real fun! For the "antique appeal", a collection of old garden ornaments, with lichen and moos, is very apt. However for real elegance, a gilded mirror placed in the back of a fireplace or a table fountain with the relaxing sound of water, are some of the best choices.

Now you know how to build a fireplace, so don't wait to build the fireplace of your dream and lend your home an exquisite touch.

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